Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Be a woman

Copy paste from fb

Don't marry a boy to lead you.
Don't marry a girl to complete you.

Be a man to a woman.
And be a woman to a man.

Because marriage is not for boy, nor to a girl. Marriage requires maturity and patience.

It is different how a boy handles a woman and how a man handles a woman. It is different how a girl reacts to a man and how a woman reacts to a man.

Boy and girl run from problem. While man and woman face and solve the problem.

Don't get too excited about early marriage stories in instagram. Because most of them show only the beginning and beautiful side of marriage. Not the hell side.

Read the facts from Mahkamah Syariah instead of Instagram. Divorces rate boost up from year to year.

" Kerap bertengkar "
" Masalah kewangan "
" Pasangan tak matang "

You don't marry someone to get divorced.
You marry someone to commit. Thus, you needed a preparation. Change yourself from a boy to a man. A girl to a woman.

Don't rush guys.
Marriage might be a sweetdream. But it could also be a nightmare. You'll determine it.

There's so much more to learn.
There's so much more to observe.
There's so much more to commit.

Commit to your study.
Commit to your parents.

If you can't commit to what you have, what makes you think you can commit to another ?

Be a man.
Be a woman.

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