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Everyone knows that Converse has been an all-time favourite choice of sneakers since we were in our teen years. We wear the trendy sneakers from Converse to school, college and while hanging out. It is simple and trendy for us to flaunt with anything we have on. The designs of the sneakers from the Converse brand are timeless and will never make you appear out of style.

For the ladies who are clueless on how to pull a look together wearing Converse sneaker collection, take a look at the various styles down below to give you an idea or two.

1. Feminine

Ladies who want to maintain that feminine touch while wearing sneakers can always pair the sneakers with a nice dress or skirt. Switch those sky high heels and platform wedges for a hint of boyish twist and walk out with confidence everywhere you go. Give your normal feminine look a rest once in a while and attempt some comfortable sneakers for a change.

2. Casual Chic

For the individuals who want that simple look, the casual outfit of top and jeans will do the trick. This is the most common look pulled of by many girls out there as it is comfortable and will never make you appear sloppy. Mix match the casual outfit you are wearing with the perfect Converse sneakers design and you are set to go.

3. Rugged Edge

For that extra rugged look, throw on a jacket over what you are wearing and match the sneakers in as well. You can accessorize the look with bangles or earrings and appear a little rough. This look is perfect if you want to spice up your normal casual wears into a whole new level and still rocking those trendy sneakers in place.

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